Reader reviews:

Full of energy and inventiveness. A noir with dazzlingly bright highlights.
— Mike Carey - author of all sorts!
Set in thirty-first century London, Techno-Freak is a humour-driven, hard-boiled, cyber-punk detective story that deftly tips its hat to William Gibson, Philip Marlowe and Tharg’s Future Shocks and follows Jon Sherlok, a cybernetic PI and his sidekick, a robot cat named Maurice, who are hired to locate the former’s ex-girlfriend by her current beau. As plots go, it hooks your attention from the off and kicks into high gear straight away as it crams a couple of issues worth of story into 26 pages. Stopping at violence central, betrayal junction, treachery point and every station in-between, TechoFreak places its foot firmly on the accelerator and doesn’t bother to hit the brake until it reaches its last panel.
— Tim Cundle - for Tripwire
TechnoFreak is brilliant!!! Love the narration from Maurice... When is #2 coming out?
— Mark Farnell
I just finished a second read of TechnoFreak this morning. You’ve done a really cool job on the story. Captures a classic British comic feel, pokes a little fun at itself and mixes comedy, action and sexy perfectly. Good work all round!
— Geoff Richards
This was one of the most enjoyable reads of the year for me.
— Chris McAuley
Really really, really enjoyed it. Enough action, and comedy, the characters were all great and I’m really looking forward to the next one! If his Kickstarter was still going I would send him a pledge!
— Matthew Ward
It was a great comic, filled with action all the way to the end - it was excellent!