Okay, we're there... our Kickstarter is a success, and we can now afford to pay our printing bill, thanks to people's generosity and support. And that was the point of our campaign. We've had some time to think on our success, and our backers' kindness, and, at present, we are not asking for more. People have told us to do stretch goals, sell T-shirts, etc., but that's not what we're about at Sunday Lunch Comics. We're about comics, and we're in it for love, not money. We love comics and want to keep on making them. If we can make a success of the comic, then yeah, we might do the odd t-shirt, but that comes later. Our focus now is on being able to sell as many copies of issue one as we can, and get on with issue two. If the Kickstarter raises any more money, it will go towards the production of issue two, as we've said all along. Folk can still pledge, of course... it's the only way to order a first print copy of TechnoFreak#1 at present.

We'll get the comic off to print as soon as we can, and we hope you'll love it as much as we do.

We are considering doing a limited edition alternative cover. More news on this once we have sketches from the artist involved... We'll keep you posted.


John Charles and Barry May