Jon Sherlok.jpg

Jon Sherlok is the last of The Technofreaks, sole survivor of a flawed commercial enterprise that saw people have implants in their heads that would turn their brains into super computers. It didn’t last. Most went insane. Others weren’t so lucky...

Jon is based in south London, circa 3026 and operates as a private eye, when he's not too busy getting pissed, that is. He is assisted by his robot cat, Maurice (it's French, don't ya know) and Neville Brady, London's toughest private eye.


Maurice is loyal, tenacious, sarcastic, and extremely dangerous in a fight. He is addicted to Munchy Chunks and has a taste for exotic cocktails.

Neville Brady.jpg

Neville Brady is another of future London’s private eyes. He and Jon Sherlok have a long-standing rivalry, both getting things done, but in very different ways. Neville is a no-nonsense thug, who uses his fists rather than his brains.

Loretta Youth.jpg

The other major player in Jon Sherlok's world is Loretta Youth. Loretta models herself on sultry Hollywood starlets of the ’30s and ’40s. She is a classic Femme Fatale; sexy, disloyal and very dangerous.